Frequently Asked Questions

What are your PRICES?

    Our commission starts at a base of 950,00€, for the wedding photographic service only (not including Albums, prints or travel expenses). Let us know your needs, and we will send you a detailed personalized estimate.

How many PHOTOS will we get?

Any service has a specific numeber of post-processed pictures. Check our packages HERE here for more info

Do You offer any ADDITIONAL services?

Yes, ask us about additional services like “Engagement”, “The Morning After”, “Trash the Dress”, “Maternity”, “Family” etc.!

Ok! We want You as our photographer! How do we BOOK You?

Just CONTACT US to check our availability or visit us in our studio in Siena, and once we’ve set the date and type of services, you’ll just need to send us a 30% deposit. You can pay with Pay Pal & bank transfer.

Do You guys work only in TUSCANY?

No, we are prepare to work around Italy and Worldwide. We love travel and we would do everything to sati- sfy your requests. Obviously, or any relocations outside our region it will be applied a rate in order to cover any kind of expenses (traveling, petrol, overnight accommodations etc).

Who will take the PICTURES during my wedding?

Irene and Francesco are the main photographer of our team. They could be helped by professional assistants if it needed

Who will choose the pictures that will be EDITED?

Our team will decide wich pictures will be edited. In a photo session we usually shoot more than 4000 photos, so choosing the final ones is a very complicated process that requires an expert knowledge that we have.

Do You deliver the ORIGINAL FILES?

Yes, the original files will be delivered the same day of you wedding according to our payment policy, as a garanty of your payment.

Can You PRINT an album for us?

Of course! We have a selection of Fine Art albums you can chose from. All albums are handmade by high-skilled italian artisans . If you want know more about our albums CONTACT US to see the option.